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Grosvenor Pirie has a strict Staff Code of Conduct so there can be no doubt about the standards of behaviour expected from all employees.

This code will help members understand what is expected from a Grosvenor Pirie employee.


You must always:

  •  Treat customers and superannuation members courteously;
  •  Treat colleagues fairly, openly and honestly;
  •  Select vendors/suppliers on quality, service and cost only;
  •  Act in the best interests of shareholders.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

You must not disclose or discuss any confidential or personal information about Grosvenor Pirie, its clients and your fellow employees while employed by or after you leave the Company.
All work performed during your employment with Grosvenor Pirie belongs to the company.

Conflict of interest:

If you or a family member has a personal interest which could or does conflict with the interests of Grosvenor Pirie, you must disclose this to the Chief Executive Officer.

Gifts and Entertainment:

You should not accept or give gifts or offers of entertainment which could be interpreted as creating an obligation. Reasonable offers of entertainment such as dinner, theatre parties or sporting events may be accepted or offered. If in doubt, ask the CEO.

Equal opportunity:

Grosvenor Pirie believes in providing equal opportunities to all job applicants and employees.  All employees and job applicants will be treated equally in all employment matters.

Legal Compliance:

Each employee of Grosvenor Pirie must carry out your work according to the law.

Records and Reports:

Any information that you record and reports that you generate, must be accurate and comply with financial and accounting policies and procedures.

Safety and Security:

You must follow Grosvenor Pirie safety and security procedures.

Sexual Harassment:

Grosvenor Pirie considers sexual harassment an unacceptable form of behaviour that will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is any deliberate verbal or physical sexual conduct that is unwelcomed and uninvited; specifically conduct which offends, humiliates or intimidates the person at which it is directed.
Harassment, including bullying and intimidation, may also breach occupational health and safety law. Harassment, such as physical assault and stalking may also result in criminal prosecution.

Code Violations:

An employee who breaches this Code of Conduct faces disciplinary action, which could include dismissal, or legal action.
If you suspect a violation, report the matter to the Chief Executive Officer. No action will be taken against any employee who reports a suspected violation of this Code, in good faith .

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